Bradford Cathedral

Absolutely stunning structure. Ht the freelancehistorywriter!

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Bradford Cathedral (Photo by Mick Melvin from Wikimedia Commons) Bradford Cathedral (Photo by Mick Melvin from Wikimedia Commons)

For most of its existence, the church at Bradford in West Yorkshire was a parish church dedicated to St. Peter. Two carved stones have been found on the site of the cathedral. Theses stones were most likely part of a carved Saxon preaching cross and indicate Christians may have worshipped here since the mission of the Roman Bishop Paulinus came to Northumbria in 627 AD. Paulinus preached in Dewsbury and the mission spread from there to Bradford. The first church on the site was an Anglo-Saxon church. By the time of the Domesday Survey of 1086, the land was described as a ‘waste’. The Domesday Book says Ilbert de Lacy, a Norman nobleman who came to England with William the Conqueror, was lord of the manor and he may have had a wooden chapel on his lands.

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