Staying Awake: A story of Eternal Insomnia

A bit of open eyes from Mompesson, Kate Shrewsday , and often, yours truly

Kate Shrewsday

The sleep of the just.

Death and sleep, sleep and death. Is one just a vast version of the other? Do just people sleep better? And do they have a more comfortable death as a result of being just in life?

The mystery of what happens when we leave this world rises up to haunt us when we are unable to avoid it. And the art of the dead decorates every church in the land. We think nothing of it; we do not give it a second thought. Nevertheless, churches remain great echoing necrostic galleries to this form of art, which endures as an expression of bafflement in the face of Eternity herself.

One such gallery towers over Salisbury and has done for more than 900 years. Salisbury Cathedral is a magnificent mausoleic creative space where man has daubed his speculations, his dreams and nightmares, about the form that most final sleep might…

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Historian, Educator. My areas of interest are medieval Spain and England, the history of medieval women, Catholicism, popular religion and Anglo-Spanish relations.
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