The Catholic blogosphere will not be silenced

While this is a historical blog, it is also a Catholic one.
I am deeply disturbed at the general tone of this pontificate, one which is very different in its public manifestations versus its internal undermining and persecution of those in the Church who uphold traditional teachings.

While we can fill pages re-telling the countless examples of persecutions being orchestrated against Catholics devoted to traditional forms of worship and praxis, this is not the place. Suffice it to say that it is not only the Traditionalist Catholic but now even worried Catholic bloggers who are on the list to be silenced as Synod 2015 approaches.

This blog must take its place among those who are stepping forward in support of the blog VOX CANTORIS as it is threatened with legal action by Fr. Thomas Rosica , of Salt and Light TV. The story may be gleaned from the posts of the blog RORATE CAELI beginning with the link below:

May the Lord preserve Holy Mother Church from apostasy.



About bemonzon

Historian, Educator. My areas of interest are medieval Spain and England, the history of medieval women, Catholicism, popular religion and Anglo-Spanish relations.
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