Why I remain Catholic

Elizabeth Scalia (@Anchoress) has tossed Catholic bloggers with the question: Why do I remain Catholic?

I haven’t a long explanation nor a detailed theological discourse. 

I do not recall a period of my life where being Catholic was not intricately woven into my very existence. A few anecdotes, some incredible, will suffice to make the point. I was born on the feast of the Annunciation and my favorite cousin on Christmas Eve. I have memories of lying in a crib, a mahogany crib, and looking through the slats at a wood paneled wall. As I look at out, I see a woman dressed in black with a rather large headdress approach me and smile at me with the sweetest blue eyes on earth. My mother tells me that it is impossible for me to remember such details. I was less than two years old and hospitalized. Yes, in a Catholic hospital and that woman with the headdress was a pre Vatican 2 nun who came to visit me often. I went to Catholic schools where I was blessed with Franciscan Friars, Poor Clare nuns , and Claretian priests who left an indelible mark on my being. I recall practically everything they taught me about the Faith.  My night table displays the Rosary given to me by my 6th grade principal, still used. The awarding of a Fulbright research grant to Venezuela was preceded by a stranger on the street approaching me to tell me that the Lady in Red would be happy to see me and to see me married. The Virgin of Coromoto, patroness of Venezuela, has a red mantle and I married my husband at his home parish, built by Venezuelan workers in Brooklyn, where a huge mosaic of the Blessed Mother wearing a red mantle graces the main altar. Hmm, I could just go on. There are no snippets of memory that do not reflect the Faith in some way, by thought , word or deed.

Why do I remain Catholic?  Because the Church is the Truth. But, I remain Catholic because I could not be anything else. I was born a Catholic, live as one and will die as one. The Church is my reference point for every detail of my life. The Church is my safety zone, a mother whose arms are ever outstretched to me. I remain a Catholic because there is no greater Truth, there is no greater love. I remain Catholic because I desire my salvation.

Does it make sense?


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