The Michael Voris camp and their obsession with the Society of Saint Pius X

Not related to Spain or England per se but since it has to do with the Church and the attack on Tradition , a good read.


You all know where I’m going with this. Our dear friends at CMTV have done it again. Since they have deleted many of my comments upon their facebook page and suggested that I “go defend the SSPX elsewhere” then that’s exactly what I will do. So let’s get started with the recent video in which Michael Voris has slandered the Society of Saint Pius X – again unfortunately – within his recent vortex video that can be found here. I will place quotes of his arguments below and I will comment in red.

 “To tell Catholics to stay home and to not attend Mass on Sunday – and to refuse to fulfill their Sunday obligation to assist at the sacrifice of the Mass is beyond imagining.. To call the Mass an offense against God? (That’s not what the SSPX said) Are you serious? To encourage people to commit mortal sin…

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Historian, Educator. My areas of interest are medieval Spain and England, the history of medieval women, Catholicism, popular religion and Anglo-Spanish relations.
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